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A little about me ...

Hello Everyone, 

I’m Sarah, thanks for dropping by!

As you have most probably guessed by now I’m obsessed with crochet and L’atelier by Sarah is aimed to reflect that and all my other passions. But this little crochet universe I have created is a long way from where I started.

I used to be a Project Manager in an NGO and this job was an important part of my life. During my free time, I would spend some time on handcrafts just for fun! I started knitting a few years back when my brother announced he was having his first baby. I wanted to create a unique gift for my nephew! And then one day, when my niece came around, I discovered crochet while trying to make a border for her blanket. It’s all it took for me to get hooked (pun intended!). Since then, I carry my crochet everywhere I go. I’m absolutely addicted to the repetitive motion and find some sens of peace in counting stitches one by one. Bit by bit, I started creating different items, from baby clothes to home decorations. I discovered that you could do countless things with just a crochet and some yarn.

This is how I came up with the idea of L’atelier by Sarah! It is my way of sharing my love for crochet with all of you. Each item  you will find in the store is handmade with care, and special attention is given to choosing the colors and texture to bring the best result and quality. But L’atelier by Sarah also aims to be more than just that. When I decided to start this project, I also wanted to keep on dedicating time and skills to people in need. This is why, some handmade items that will be available in the shop will come from local, national and international NGO in order to support them in their work. 

Enjoy your visit and I hope you find what you were looking for!